Ogo Okoye-Johnson Promotes Early Literacy

Join author Ogo Okoye-Johnson as she continues to promote and celebrate early literacy with storytelling, arts and crafts. Ogo will be signing and reading her books, 5 Stars Chike the Invincible and Oma the Faithful Daughter with creative interactive arts and crafts! Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the author, be intrigued, and get your very own signed copies of her delightful must-have books! See you there!

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Hot off the Press! Chike the Invincible the 5 stars classic thriller and folktale is officially released today! Thank you and congratulations to all those who bought the minted pre release copies.

5star-shiny-hrChike TI-Front CoverCopies are available at Barnes and Nobles.com and stores, http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/chike-the-invisible-ogo-okoyo-johnson/1123861128?ean=9781944244323; Amazon.com, https://www.amazon.com/Chike-Invincible-Dr-Ogo-Okoye-Johnson/dp/19442443/ref=tmm_hrd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

and your local book stores! Don’t be left out! Get yours today!

Successful Well Rounded Rigorous Teaching and Learning

Students who are exposed to an excellent well rounded education that is grounded in effective and rigorous teaching and learning that spikes their creativity would learn from the sheer curiosity and desire to acquire knowledge. Any gaps in learning should be immediately identified and addressed through targeted intervention, reinforcements and supplemental instruction. In such a vibrant learning environment, students would respond to learning and excel when tested on what they have been taught.

Effective Teaching and Learning Gems

Effective student learning occurs with frequent teacher feedback to students that encourages self-reflection on the part of students followed by the reteaching of concepts necessary to ensure student mastery of concepts taught.

The most reliable measure for improving teaching and learning could be derived from frequent and effective teacher observations and constructive feedback from the observers designed to improve teacher performance and subsequently student performance in an atmosphere laden with trust and devoid of fear of reprisals!

Creative and innovative teaching fortified by effective instructional coaching produce a vibrant learning environment where students blossom intellectually and are equipped with college-ready, career and successful life skills.


Jump Start Early Literacy with 5 Stars Chike the Invincible!

Jump start Early Literacy! Develop the love of reading in all children and students! Read and Listen to Chike the Invincible, a 5 stars book with excellent illustrations that capture the imagination of all readers! Grab copies of both the book and the audio hot- off-the-press at Amazon.com

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