Chike the Invincible

“Chike the Invincible” is an inspirational picture storybook in the folktale genre that illustrates the indomitable human spirit while teaching lessons in perseverance and valor.

Chike TI-Front Cover

In the mighty village of Awor lived a valiant young boy Chike. Chike grew up under the loving care of his famous father, Ike and his mother, Chi-Chi. Ike was the powerful and gallant chief of Awor who won the biggest yam and the archery competitions year-after-year during the annual New Yam Festival. Chike boldly followed in his father’s footsteps and successfully competes in the archery competitions against older contestants.

Tragically, Ike’s jealous brother Obi laid a trap for Ike during an archery competition. Ike fell into the trap and died from his injuries. Obi declared himself chief of Awor. Obi ruthlessly banished Chike and his mother from their home, the chief’s compound. Fatefully, the chief of Abah annexed Awor after a border battle caused by Obi. While in exile in his mother’s home, Chike called on Awor’s warriors to join him to reclaim Awor’s independence from Abah. With the help of Awor’s warriors, Chike was victorious in the battle and restored peaceful relations with Abah. In jubilation and gratitude for Chike’s valiance, Awor’s villagers installed him as their rightful chief.

Dr. Ogo Okoye-Johnson’s thriller, Chike the Invincible, transports readers to a village chock-full of valor, poetic justice and intrigue.

Release Date: August 1, 2016

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