The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) field is widely seen as the field of the future. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Employment Projections program, by 2028 STEM jobs’ employment is projected to grow by 8.8% while healthcare jobs that require STEM skills will grow higher as well. Non-STEM jobs, on the other hand will only grow by 5%. With this backdrop, it is important that all students are provided access and opportunities to receive quality STEM education. However only 8% of STEM teachers were black in 2019 and Blacks adults state that they are not welcomed in STEM professions. The article in this link below discusses possible ways to ensure that black and minority students are prepared for future STEM jobs. https://wordinblack.com/2022/11/stem-is-the-future-how-do-we-get-black-kids-involved/

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Ogo Okoye-Johnson Promotes Early Literacy

Join author Ogo Okoye-Johnson as she continues to promote and celebrate early literacy with storytelling, arts and crafts. Ogo will be signing and reading her books, 5 Stars Chike the Invincible and Oma the Faithful Daughter with creative interactive arts and crafts! Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the author, be intrigued, and get your very own signed copies of her delightful must-have books! See you there!

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Hollywood to Receive an Annual Grade on Diversity by University of Southern California

The Comprehensive Analysis and Report on Diversity (CARD) will explore issues of LGBT, gender, race/ethnicity representation in the content of movies, the casting of characters and in hiring. The companies who have established a diverse environment will be honored during an award program.

Does Multicultural Education Improve Students’ Racial Attitudes? Implications for Closing the Achievement Gap

The effects of multicultural education on the racial attitudes of students in prekindergarten through twelfth grade are examined in this meta-analysis. Multicultural education was operationalized for this study as programs and curricula dealing with racial and cultural diversity. The effect sizes of curricular intervention and reinforcement dimensions of multicultural education in suburban and urban settings among age groups 3-8 and 9-16 were compared to see the relative effectiveness of multicultural education on students’ racial attitudes. The mean effect size of 0.488 from a total of 60 effect sizes calculated using 30 studies shows that exposure to multicultural education led to a reduction in students’ racial attitudes. However, the mean effect size of 0.645 from curricular intervention studies was higher than the mean effect size of the reinforcement studies at 0.08, indicating that the curricular intervention dimension of multicultural education was more effective in reducing students’ racial attitudes. Multicultural education was more effective in reducing racial attitudes in urban areas with a mean effect size of 0.72, than in suburban areas with a mean effect size of 0.587. Multicultural education was also more effective in reducing racial attitudes among the 9-16 age group with a mean effect size of 0.751, than among the 3-8 age group with a mean effect size of 0.208. Implications for research and for practice with emphasis on closing the achievement gap that exists among the various student subgroups primarily in under achieving inner-city public schools are discussed.