Education and Pope Francis! Lessons for Leaders in Education!

There are many lessons and take-aways for leaders and practitioners in the field of education from Pope Francis, the Holy Father’s address to the US Congress today.

Social responsibility and justice, raising people out of extreme poverty, creation and distribution of wealth evenly, creating opportunities for everyone to succeed, and the essence of the Golden Rule where you treat people the same way you want to be treated are all the qualities which we want our students to gain in addition to being college and career ready!

How are we as educators in this environment of testing accountability ensuring that our students leave us at each level of education with these qualities which not only would make them humane individuals, but also make certain that they maintain a society that is sustainable for themselves and for future generations!

Pope Francis said, “We do not fear foreigners because we were once foreigners!” Today’s foreigners are tomorrow’s citizens and leaders! We are to take care of all our children on all spectrum by providing equal opportunities and access to rigorous educational programs!

How do we as educational leaders ensure that we are inclusive and not exclusive of all people -all children?

Hence in Pope Francis’s own words, we need to ensure that “young people can inherit a land where they can dream!” A very powerful speech indeed!

Let’s take heed!

ogo okoye-johnson pope at congress            ogo okoye johnson mlk


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