Obama Administration Acknowledges Testing in Public Schools Has Gone Too Far!

The Obama Administration while admitting its part in encouraging the increase in testing, stated today, Saturday October 24, 2015 that tests should be limited to only 2% of instruction in the public schools. Under intense opposition from both the conservatives on the right, and parents, students, and teacher unions on the left, it urged Congress to limit testing in public schools in its reauthorization of the elementary and secondary education act according to a report by Kate Zernikeoct in New York Times.

Arne Duncan indicated that there should be a “check” annually to ensure that students are on track and to identify their areas of need. He stated that the Administration will assist states and school districts to solve the over testing in schools.

Randi Weigarten, the president of American Federation of Teachers, claiming victory on the part of teacher unions declared “Parents, students, educators, your voice matters and was heard.”


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