Happy Martin Luther King’s Day!

He said it best!

ogo okoye-johnson mlkMLK-FORWARD


2 thoughts on “Happy Martin Luther King’s Day!

  1. Dear Dr. Johnson, Yes, Happy New Year to you, let it be filled with HOPE and LOVE that Dr. King held to be true and necessary for all of us to share with the world and our neighbors. Moving forward, we have to recall the mistakes of the past to step above them onto a bright new future where Dr. King’s Dream will thrive and flourish despite the present upcoming moment lasting for next 4 years. I am trying to be brave to continue that dream in my daily life. Sincerely, ML Kashima

    On Mon, Jan 16, 2017 at 3:45 PM, Ogo Okoye-Johnson wrote:

    > Ogo Okoye-johnson posted: “He said it best! ” >

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